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The Sacred Necklace

The Sacred Project has partnered with the JOY in the Morning jewelry boutique, owned by Held Your Whole Life’s founder, Larisa Barth, to offer a sacred little something for bereaved mothers all across the world. Larisa has worked closely with us to design a piece of jewelry for the participants and supporters of the Sacred Project. It was important that the piece would reflect our bond and our love, and would honor our children and the sacred spaces that we are as their mothers. And it does. This is truly a beautiful piece of handmade, heartfelt, wearable remembrance art.


The necklace begins with the gorgeous flower mandala, designed by Carly Marie Dudley of Project Heal, as the centerpiece. Carly’s drawing so perfectly represents our project, we knew we had to incorporate the mandala into the necklace. It is beautiful, feminine, strong, and delicate. Empowering and full of life, with a flower that blooms like a baby, like a mother. It is perfect. On the back of the circular mandala pendant, the word sacred is carefully hand-stamped.


From there, you will decide what your necklace will look like. You can choose to customize up to three rectangle pendants with your little one’s name, initials, or special day of remembrance. There are four small design stamps (heart, footprints, scroll, and star) that you can select to enhance your pendant, or to simply represent your little one. We are also offering options for a vibrant, delicate, wire-wrapped Swarovski crystal pearl in white, pink, blue or green to be added to your necklace.


Each pendant is hand stamped by Larisa on 100% food grade aluminum and will not rust or tarnish. The necklace hangs from a dainty stainless steel chain and every part of this piece is nickel-free. The pieces are reasonably priced and begin at just $24, and all of Sacred Project’s proceeds will benefit the production of the film and advocacy work within the bereaved community.


The necklace is available exclusively through JOY in the Morning’s Etsy shop, so head on over to to start designing your very own Sacred Necklace. Please feel free to share the link and the attached poster to anyone you think might be interested in having a little something sacred to wear in honor of their child.


Please “like” and “follow” us on Facebook at to stay up to date with the Sacred Project, and keep an eye out for the release of our short film on December 1, 2014 (USA time)! Thank you for your support.


With love and gratitude,
Stephanie & Pia