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Ulrike Kerber Bio - thesacredproject
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“I was drawn to The Sacred Project because it is a topic that is rarely discussed, almost like a taboo. And families are alone with it. I think sharing images and stories can generate relief and facilitate healing.”




“Deadlines are imaginary things and I am almost always stepping on them. Stephanie had been politely asking me for months if I had finished a piece for her non-profit organization, The Sweet Pea project. I had. Every time I had loaded the song into an email and looked at the bright blue Send button, I relinquished. I couldn’t, for the life of me bring myself to deliver her an idea crafted in a basement of a bar in Omaha, Nebraska. See, when originally approached, I was confident I would rather easily deliver a suitable song. But as we talked about her organization, as she explained her experiences, as I realized the grandiose scale of this project, I was suddenly mortified. What business do I have providing a soundtrack to an experience so deeply moving, an outlet for grief, and a beacon of hope?


As the emails became slightly more pointed and I discovered I was severely inconveniencing wonderful individuals halfway around the world, I became more anxious. I was a mess. I listened to the song hundreds, perhaps thousands of times. It was queued on every device suitable for music reproduciton; my car, my phone, my computer. In a fit of panic, I turned to good friend and incredible musician Luke Pettipoole, who performs with one of my most loved bands, The Envy Corps. I explained the mission statement, the project, and the lovely individuals who were putting it together. Without batting an eye he said “Anything I have is yours. Pick any song.” I did.


This project is bigger than me. It’s bigger than you. It’s bigger than my neurosis and my anxiety. The willingness of Stephanie, Pia, Luke, and everyone else to selflessly dedicate themselves to a cause so worthy inspired me to finally hit that terrifying Send button. This isn’t about whether or not your participation will be good enough for the cause and it’s certainly not about comparing experiences. To me, it’s about whether you choose to participate; letting down any defences you have and understanding that regardless of who you are, where you are, and what your life experiences may be, The Sacred Project will accept you. I will never know what those in the pictures felt. I will never face the grieving these mothers have. I will never truly understand the heartbreaking pain of those directly affected by this. I’m not meant to.


Instead, I’m supposed to listen, accept, and participate in our shared human story. Thanks Steph, Pia, and everyone else for asking me to be included in such a special project.”